Looking for someone to guide you on the path to wellness?

Lily is a clinically trained herbalist and holistic wellness coach. She can help you, like she has helped so many others.

Looking for a teacher and mentor?

Lily also teaches the next generation of herbalists (as well as some fun DIY workshops!)

About me

I am a community herbalist in my heart and a clinical herbalist by training. I have also learned Chinese medicine (including acupuncture) and energy healing. I use my skills and training to help my community through education, consultation, and organizing.

I have founded Herbalists without Borders chapters (that offer free clinics, community gardens, and blessing bag distribution), created an herbal elders oral history project, taught dozens of budding herbalists, and formulated products that have helped hundreds of people. I teach FREE classes for cancer survivors and the public in general every month. It is a commitment that I have to make herbalism accessible to all.

I have experience running many small businesses, healing people, organizing events and organizations, and teaching.

I have been a pastry apprentice, school teacher, sex educator, independent festival and event promoter, parrot behaviorist, shopkeeper, activist, and writer. Currently, I am also a farmer!

No one can claim authority over another's right to heal. By using herbs to heal, the very plants we walk alongside on the earth, we not only create empowerment within ourselves, but also identify and connect with dis-ease, allow it a swifter passage for greater healing to be made."

- Niki Senior

selective focus photography of round silver-colored accessory
selective focus photography of round silver-colored accessory