Lily wears several hats.

Lily is an herbalist who sees clients (wellness coaching and herbal consultations). Book a session here.

She is also a formulator and worker owner at Haven Herbs.

She teaches classes online and in person in WV.

She is a worker owner at re:Source Sanctuary and Farm.

She is the general manager at Market on Main.

She has a Substack blog and podcast.

a group of colorful flowers
a group of colorful flowers

Lily is a community herbalist- meaning she cares for individuals and the community at large with her projects and work. Her training was in clinical western herbalism and Chinese medicine, and she educates and mentors others in clinical, apothecary, cultivation, education, and other herbal topics. She offers wellness coaching, classes on herbalism and holistic wellness topics, grows food and medicine for the community, and is the key formulator and educator for Haven Herbs.

Lily resides on a communally owned farm in West Virginia. It is a 12 acre forest and permaculture farm. You may know her from her former brick and mortar shop (Boline Apothecary in Columbus, OH), or as an instructor at Cancer Support Community, or as the general manager of Market on Main, or perhaps as a worker owner of Haven Herbs. She gets around.

Lily has other passions, too:
CULTURE! She loves a thriving arts, performance, and music scene In California she was also an independent event promoter for music and spoken word. She booked nightclubs, organized festivals, and helped run a poetry slam and other events. She is looking to create events in West Virginia, too.

BIRDS! She has been a parrot behaviorist and caregiver and owned an e-commerce site featuring human grade food, foraging enrichments, and other holistic supplies for parrots. She loves corvids, and did corvid rehabilitation for several years while living in California. She has parrots, a Starling rescue, chickens, ducks, and geese at the farm.

JUSTICE! She also has a thirst for justice and has worked at myriad non-profits and organizations. People Against Hazardous Landfill Sites, Greenpeace, United Farm Workers, INFACT, Queer Nation, ACT UP, the Pynk Panthers, SF Street Patrol, Lesbian Avengers, Industrial Workers of the World, California Peace Action, Herbalists Without Borders, and the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership are a few of the places she has worked for a better world.