Can you get me supplements?

Yep, all kinds.



8/13/20221 min read

person holding black and silver hand tool
person holding black and silver hand tool

Can you get me supplements that I need? I hear that a lot, especially from folks on a fixed income. Supplements are expensive, dang it!

In addition to custom herbal formulations that she makes for some of her clients and the ready-to-purchase items she makes for Haven Herbs, she also has access to professional strength supplements through Fullscript. This dispensary is for items that Lily herself cannot make: probiotics, vitamins, fish oil, etc etc.

These can be purchased online through her Fullscript portal where folks receive up to 20% off retail prices (and these are professional strength supplements). Lily will speak to you about Fullscript orders and recommendation emails during your consultation if they apply to you. (Or you can register in the footer of this website and create an account on your own.)

Disclaimer: Lily Kunning, Community Herbalist receives a 5% percent of sales from supplements purchased through Fullscript, even with your substantial discount. You can get them through the recommendations or portal or elsewhere, your choice. But it is most often cheaper to get them through Lily's Fullscript.