Custom Formulations

The ways Lily does it...


3/13/20201 min read

gold and blue trophy on white table
gold and blue trophy on white table

Lily makes custom formulations for individuals in three ways:

1. She formulates for an individual consultation client after meeting and setting health goals with them.

2. She can create a custom formula for a client after a series of email check-ins for verification and make it available. This option is for folks looking to replicate a formula and does not replace a consultation or case management.

3. A company approaches Lily with a concept or idea that they want her to formulate. In this scenario, a meeting to set out goals, a contract outlining the scope of the work, and a series of trial formulations would be created for review. Once a formula is agreed upon, the sale of the formula, along with rights of ownership and replication would belong to the client. Lily can also make recommendations about sourcing ingredients, packaging, labeling, and anything else a company may need to start production.

In the case of personal formulations, these can be made available within 2-3 days. However custom formulations may require getting a specific herb or tincture not in stock. In that case, it could take up to a week or more, but Lily will advise you if that is the case. Formulas will be invoiced online and then shipped to you. You will pay actual shipping, no handling fee.

For corporate formulations, Lily will contract for labor and supplies and get these before starting your project. Timelines will be in writing and transparent.