Does Lily accept insurance or payments other than cash or card?

Yes and no!



1/13/20231 min read

Because insurance is in charge of how people receive care in this country, Lily, as an herbalist, cannot accept insurance- no insurance plan covers it! (This is only one of the myriad problems in an insurance-led medical system- don't get me started!)

Lily works to keep costs low and affordable to most. Those who cannot afford the cost of a consultation- did you know that Lily accepts barter and work trade? We would work out the terms in advance, with both parties liking the terms of the arrangement. Here are some of the things Lily seeks in exchange for goods and services she offers:

Music lessons (piano, violin, theory)
Farm tools and supplies
Animal feed
Holistic wellness and care (like massage, acupuncture, feldenkrais)
Musical instruments
Handcrafted art and craft
Farm/garden labor
Used pick-up truck (running)
A hot tub and/or sauna
A swimming pool
Homemade food
Construction and repair help

She is open to other goods and services, too. If you have something to offer in exchange for consultations, classes, or herbal remedies- contact her with what it is and see if she's into that exchange!