How do consultations work?

Just the facts, ma'am!



12/13/20222 min read

assorted foods on bowls
assorted foods on bowls

Before you book online and pay, fill out the intake form. Fill it out (give yourself 20 minutes, minimum), then book an appointment. The online system also takes payment at that time.

At the visit, Lily looks at this form, interviews you, assesses visible signs of health (skin, eyes, tongue, pulse, etc. when necessary) and clarifies a larger holistic picture of your health, and then makes recommendations. Each intake appointment is about 45 minutes.

Generally speaking, in these sessions Lily picks 3-4 areas or less to focus upon (any more than that is overwhelming and often self-defeating). She will often try and combine supplements so that clients are not burderned with too many things to take each day. If you are taking medicines or supplements that are duplicative or counter-act one another, she will point those out, too.

After your consultation, she is going to email you (through Fullscript) with a summary of what you talked about, your goals, and any supplements recommended. So don't feel like you have to furiously take notes during your session!

Getting supplements through Lily is easy, but completely optional. She will make recommendations and you can purchase them anywhere you like. She has the ability to create custom formulas just for you or recommend other products. She often recommends Haven Herbs products, because these are also her formulas and she is familiar with them and their sourcing.

She has a Fullscript dispensary for you to use freely. This is an online resource for you to order supplements at a substantial discount (and they are professional strength ones, to boot). Through Fullscript, she is also able to find supplements that meet dietary and allergy restrictions for you.

Fullscript is also where your recommendation email originates- so keep an eye out for that follow up email (usually sent same or next day after an appointment) and you can purchase any recommendations in it through clicking on them within the email (again, this is optional). Easy peasy!

After your consultation, if there are any concerns, questions, or feedback about the plan or following it, please contact Lily. This is also true if you make changes to the plan (changing medicines, supplements, or goals) between visits. The plan only works if it is followed and Lily is kept in the loop!

Lily likes to do case management monthly. After a month of following the protocol outlined, you should set up a followup visit to check in and work on existing and new wellness goals.