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2/12/20241 min read

a close up of a bunch of pills
a close up of a bunch of pills

If you are a client of Lily's you will get an email from her through something called "Fullscript". In that email, she will reiterate the plan you created together, the goals the two of your focused upon, and how to achieve those goals. She will attach links and resources to this email, and she may recommend supplementation.

Supplementation could be custom herbal formulas that she makes herself (specifically for you), a Haven Herbs product (she also formulates these), or they could be items she does not make (like probiotics, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, etc). For these items, she can offer clients a highly discounted rate on professional grade supplements that she has vetted and she recommends through Fullscript.

She does it this way for several reasons:

  1. It allows clients to order directly from Fullscript, at a discount, and not search for the exact item (and often get frustrated) at multiple brick and mortar stores.

  2. The supplements are professional strength, and Lily discounts them as a public service.

  3. It allows very specific criteria in supplement formulation that a client may not know to look for, and allows for a vegan, gluten free, or non-GMO filter to be applied to recommendations. (Lily often will recommend specific strengths or dosages or have preferences in how the formulas are prepared: her standards are quite high.)

  4. She has "go-to" products she finds superior to the mediocre supplements that often grace the GNC or Whole Foods shelves. These superior products will be the ones on your Fullscript recommendation.

Whether or not you purchase supplement recommendations from Fullscript (you can purchase supplements anywhere you like, no pressure!), your follow up email will come through the Fullscript portal. This is simply another way that Lily can serve her community.